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When you register on the site with JetX it takes a matter of seconds. Just click the button that you see on this page below. All further steps are very simple and obvious.

In case you have any doubts or problems in the registration process, you can read about registration in more detail.

play the JetX game 

After clicking on the button above, you will be redirected to the site with the game. Having entered the site, you have to click on the ‘register’ button. It helps you to keep your data and maintain the achieved progress. After that, you receive an email. It contains the link. You should click on it in order to confirm that you are the owner of this email. You have to remember or write down the entered data (email and password) so that you can login into your account and continue the game the next time. Also, it is necessary in order to save your balance which will increase as a result of your winnings in the JetX game. 

This is how the general registration on the website with the JetX game looks like.

JetX registration

Besides an email and a password, it is convenient to indicate your telephone number. In this way, you can get access to your account really quickly even in the case when you forget your password (we hope it never happens). After all, the phone is usually always at hand.

Most likely, when registering, the site will automatically detect your country and suggest the suitable currency. But since the site may be blocked by local regulatory authorities, it is possibly that you are using a VPN to access the site. This means that after automatically detecting your country, it may differ. Therefore, do not forget to recheck the fields with the country and currency. It would be much more convenient to have an account with local currency that you use to pay at the stores in your country.

JetX Game – Overview

The game begins with a quick load during which you can place a bet even before the flying machine has started to take off.

The fields for entering the bet you wish to place and multiplier are located under the screen with the game. Here you can choose the amount you want to bet and the multiplier by which this amount will be multiplied if the aircraft reaches the required height.

Further, the plane or rocket begins to gain altitude. If you bet 1,000 lira on odds of 1.50, then as soon as the aircraft reaches an altitude of 1.50, you will be paid 1,500 lira.That is, the amount is multiplied by the specified coefficient.

JetX Game start

It is not necessary for you to wait until the plane begins to take off. You can place bets on the go, when the plane is already flying and the odds are increasing. The only difference is the coefficient you chose would be applied to the current odd on the screen instead of the odd 1.00 that you had seen before the game started. 

Let’s say there was a coefficient of 4.50x on the screen.At this point, you bet 1000 lires on multiplier 2. This means that your rocket has to reach 9.00x for your bet to play. That is, your cherished point will be equal to the number on the screen multiplied by the number in the “Place your bet” field.

Jetx 100x

To avoid mistakes placing the bets during the game, it’s better to wait until the game is finished and place the bet before the game kicks off, when the odds is still 1.00x. Anyway, you are not forced to wait a long time because the games go fast enough and a new game starts right after the previous one is finished. At the same time, you can prepare your bet in advance, select the desired amount and coefficient. Then just click on the Bahis yapin button when the time has come. Your bet will be accepted instantly. Then you will stand back and watch the aircraft that rises to the top. And when it reaches the required value that you have chosen, the money will instantly appear in your account.

The transparency is the good feature of the JetX game. Numerous players participate simultaneously. The result of each tour is published on the main page of the game. It means the casino has no ability to manipulate the game and frame up the incomes. This allows you to be confident in the game you are playing.

JetX Game: Game Tactics

There are several strategies for playing JetX. Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail.

  1. Catching up by a stake 
  • You take the minimum bet. Your balance will increase by this amount after each successful iteration in this strategy.
  • Choose a fixed odd. It should be not less than 2. Otherwise, the strategy becomes inefficient. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too high. In that case, too large bank could be required to avoid the possibility of loss. People usually take a coefficient in the range from 2 to 3.
  • Place the minimal bet on this coefficient.
  • If the bet wins, you repeat it.
  • If the bet is lost, you increase the bet amount by 2 times.
  • If the bet is lost again, you continue to increase your bet by 2 times at every step.
  • You wait till the bet is won and then you come back to the first step with minimal bet. 

You have to top up the balance in such a way that it is enough for 7-10 steps of this strategy. For instance, if the first bet is 10 liret, the bank for 7 steps equals 1270 liret. 

For example, your first bet is 10 liret and the odd is 2. After the loss, you place the bet with the same odds on 20 liren. You place the same bet after the second loss. The third bet wins. Thus, in total, you spent 70 liret on 3 bets, but the third bet gave you 40×2=80 liret. The result was a profit of 80–70=10 liret.

  1. Catching up by an odd 
  • You take the minimum bet. It can be a bit more than it was in previous strategy. It is possible since the bet amount will not increase exponentially.
  • You choose a large ratio. Usually 10 to 15. 
  • It is necessary to repeat the bet, waiting for your coefficient to play.
  • If for 10 times the coefficient does not play, replenish the balance and without changing the coefficient, continue to bet until it plays. You will close one circle in a small minus. But then pay back the resulting damage in the next iterations.

To prepare the bank for this strategy, you need to increase your bet by 10-15 times. This will be your bank.

It is very important to follow the strategy not changing the initial data after each bet. For example, if you have chosen a coefficient of 10 and lost 4 times, there is no way to withdraw the winnings at a coefficient of 3 or even 4-5 at the next bet. Thereby, you simply miss the biggest odds that should have paid off the previous bets and brought you profit. Instead, you may just end up in the red.

These two strategies can be combined. For instant, in the catching up by a stake strategy choosing the bigger odds, say 3, you can keep stake during the first and second steps. You place the bet on 10 liret, then 10 liret again and then in case of loss you can double your bet on the third step. 

Or you can increase your target coefficient in catching up by an odd strategy in case you did not catch the required coefficient within 10 steps . Say from 10 to 20. Thus, after the required coefficient comes, you pay off all your previous bets and get a profit.

  1. Playing with a big pot at small odds.

Small numbers in this game rarely drop out. Usually, the rocket gains a certain height before crashing to the ground. You can use this by playing with a big pot. Pick a small odd around 1.1x and bet a large amount. It’s not a big deal when playing with a small amount, but with a large bet, 10% can turn out to be a good result and a significant win. Suffice it to recall that when depositing their money in a bank, people wait a whole year to receive a few percent of the profit. You can increase your contribution by 10% in seconds by clicking on one button.

JetX tactics

The main thing is not to do so many times in a row. It is better to wait until a small coefficient falls out or when it falls out several times in a row. After that, place a large bet with a small multiplier from 1.05 to 1.15 and withdraw money immediately after winning. Or go to the first two strategies.

How to make money in the JetX game

First you need to make a deposit. To do this, use your personal account on the game website. You can choose a convenient way for you from a variety of modern payment systems presented on the JetX website.

To determine what balance you need, refer to our strategies from the previous section. After that, deposit the required amount of money into the account.

Then carefully review our strategies and choose the most comfortable for you. Before that, you can try to play with small amounts, just placing bets and watching what happens. Maybe you yourself will see some patterns in the game and be able to earn and make a profit.

If you can’t play successfully on your own, try to play each of our strategies. There are five in total, together with additional ones. You can try each one and see which one is the most profitable for you.

After you have earned money, go back to your personal account and click on the withdraw funds button. The casino will send them to you in any convenient way from those available on their website.

Demo version of JetX game

It’s really very convenient that sites with the JetX game are available in demo mode. This means that you can try to play JetX even without depositing real money into your account right away.

The site gives you tokens that you can use to place bets and test your or our strategies. After you are sure that you have figured out all the intricacies of the game, you can fund your account with real money and play more confidently.

The virtual tokens that the casino gives you for free in the demo version of the JetX game cannot be withdrawn or converted into real money. Also, you should not repeat those bets that you placed on a demo account, if they were successful. The numbers in each round are generated anew and may differ.

Also remember that when playing on a demo version, the psychological moment is of great importance. You don’t mind losing tokens that are worthless. You can follow the strategy with demo tokens, but when playing for real money in the same situation, you may not have the patience and request a payout earlier than the strategy requires, or be afraid to place a bet as required by the strategy and miss the necessary outcome.Therefore, to be honest, it is even necessary to train with real money. Because you are more likely to train your psyche than your motor skills. But the demo version of the JetX game is really good for getting familiar with the functionality of the site and being a confident user while playing for real money.

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